Advent Calendar 2006

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Christmas : 25th December

25 December 2006

and from: All Will Be Well
Based on the Classic Spirituality of Julian of Norwich
Richard Chilson Ave Maria Press Notre Dame Indiana
(30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher)

God is thirsty that everyone should be drawn up to him.

I saw that God can take care of us completely.
And there are three things which we truly need
and these three things bring us to languish in love.

The first is love,
the others — the languishing of love
and the compassion of love.

Love's compassion protects us during our time of need,
and love's languish draws us up to heaven.

For God is thirsty
that everyone should be drawn up to him,
and that thirst has drawn his holy ones into bliss.

He always draws and drinks,
attracting his beloved,
and still he thirsts and languishes.

I see three ways God languishes,
but all have the same purpose,
and we share these,
from the same source and to the same end.

First he desires to teach us
to know and love him more and more,
which suits us and is to our gain.

Second, he desires us to share in his bliss
as is so with those
taken out of affliction and into heaven.

Third, he desires to fill us with his bliss
as will happen on the last day
when we will be filled with everlasting happiness.

For I saw as I knew from faith
that pain and suffering will end
for those who are saved.
And not only shall we receive that same happiness
which those in heaven already have,
but a new one as well,
which will flow from God abundantly
and fill us to the brim.