Advent Calendar 2007

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Day Twenty Three : 24th December

24 December 2007 …click photo to enlarge

Psalm 133

Behold how good and how lovely it is:
when families live together in unity.

2 It is fragrant as oil upon the head, that runs down over the beard:
fragrant as oil upon the beard of Aaron, that ran down over the collar of his robe.

3 It is like a dew of Hermon:
like the dew that falls upon the hill of Zion.

4 For there the Lord has commanded his blessing:
which is life for evermore.

Harry looks out inquisitively as customers come into the store. Some will pull up grass for him. He loves the tender parts, but spits out the dirt! Sulphur crested cockatoos live long lives; some live with humans. The connections that can grow between species are a special blessing for us. May we be gentle with that responsibility but also grateful for the opportunity to live in unity with them!

As the dew refreshes the earth, may we know ourselves to be creatures refreshed by our contact with the earth and all who live upon it.