Advent Calendar 2007

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Day Two : 3rd December

3 December 2007

The house of the Lord our God

Psalm 122

6 O pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
may those who love you prosper.

7 Peace be within your walls:
and prosperity in your palaces.

8 For the sake of my kindred and companions:
I will pray that peace be with you.

9 For the sake of the house of the Lord our God:
I will seek for your good.

For the House of the Lord our God. Peace be within your walls. The Greek word for house/home has given us the words economy and also ecology. The house of the Lord our God is (at the very least) our ecology…
May there be peace among all who live within it.

Matthew Fox has some words on Thomas Berry.:

If a "new Moses" is too strong a term for some to name Thomas' contribution, then surely we could settle on another term, "prophet." The primary work of the prophet as Rabbi Heschel teaches, is to "interfere." And Thomas is nothing if not a great interferer. He is so subtle about it they haven't caught up with him yet. Prophets wake a sleeping people and Thomas does that. Prophets cry in the wilderness and Thomas does that. Prophets call people who are wallowing in injustice and neglect back to justice and Thomas does that. He calls us to Eco-Justice which is the necessary context for all other justice struggles be they economic, racial, gender or class. He calls us as the prophets of old did to the Great Work and thus to leave trivial work behind. He calls us to reach for the Ecozoic Age and indeed, in his thoroughly challenging phrase, to "reinvent our species."