Day Ten

Kneeler 17

Psalm 88

10 Lord, I call to you every day:
I stretch out my hands toward you.

11 Will you work wonders for the dead:
or will the shades rise up again to praise you?

12 Shall your love be declared in the grave:
or your faithfulness in the place of destruction?

13 Will your wonders be known in the dark:
or your righteousness in the land where all things are forgotten?

14 But to you, Lord, will I cry:
early in the morning my prayer shall come before you.

15 O Lord, why have you rejected me:
why do you hide your face from me?

16 I have been afflicted and wearied from my youth upward:
I am tossed high and low, I cease to be.

17 Your fierce anger has overwhelmed me:
and your terrors have put me to silence.


1 For forty days and forty nights,
The desert place was Jesus' home.
Baptised and blessed, God let him stay
Where thoughts of fame and fortune roam.
If doubt is deep and faith is small,
The desert place is where he'll stall:
If faith is deep and doubt is thin,
The desert place is where he'll win.
John Bell, Iona community