Day Thirty

Kneeler 73

Psalm 40

8 Sacrifice and offering you do not desire:
but my ears you have marked for obedience.

9 Burnt-offering and sin-offering you have not required:
then said I, Lo, I come.

10 In the scroll of the book it is written of me, that I should do your will:
O my God, I long to do it, your law delights my heart.

some thoughts for The Annunciation (celebrated this year on Monday 26th March)
In an essay on "The Rosary". Michael Carden writes:

"In parallel, then, Mary, by her 'yes' in the Annunciation, her life, Assumption and Coronation, represents the divinized human, the divinized material and thus the masculinized feminine. The significance of these gender shifts can be understood in terms of the dynamic behind the hierarchical gender continuum. As Irigaray points out, 'Man gives his own gender to the universe… Everything man considers of value has to be of his gender. The feminine is a marker of secondariness, of subordination to the principal gender' (1993: 173). Although she is speaking in terms of language, I believe it is an accurate description of the (male) symbolic order (ancient, medieval and modern). I would argue that the Rosary, surprisingly, offers a vision, which I believe is present in Christian origins, of an androgynous reunion or leveling of the categories, a destabilization of what is at base a male symbolic hierarchy. Both Mary and Jesus represent, each, an androgenized whole."