Day Thirty Three

Kneeler 91

Psalm 18

I love you, O Lord my strength:
O Lord, my crag, my fortresss and my deliverer,

2 My God, the rock to which I come for refuge:
my shield, my mighty saviour, and my high defence.

3 I called to the Lord with loud lamentation:
and I was rescued from my enemies.

4 The waves of death encompassed me:
and the floods of chaos overwhelmed me;

5 The cords of the grave tightened about me:
and the snares of death lay in my path.

6 In my anguish I called to the Lord:
I cried for help to my God.

7 From his temple he heard my voice:
and my cry came even to his ears.

A song from John Bell of the Iona Community found at:

Hosanna to the Son of David.

The company of heaven is fulfilled,
it sees the flaws of earth in new relief
whereby courageous struggle, earnest prayer,
find purpose in the great eternal plan.
There every gross injustice undermined,
each cancelled debt and every hurt forgiven
are prelude to the jubilee of God,
when all that ever was shall be made new.