Day Thirty Nine — Good Friday — 25 March

Hear our voice, O Lord, according to your faithful love.

Lectionary readings (Click the links to see the readings):
Isaiah 52.13-53.12 | Psalm 22 | 1 Corinthians 1.18-31 or Hebrews 10.1 6-25 | John 18.1-19.42

Jesus is given his cross

He gives himself again with all his gifts
And now we give him something in return.
He gave the earth that bears, the air that lifts,
Water to cleanse and cool, fire to burn,
And from these elements he forged the iron,
From strands of life he wove the growing wood,
He made the stones that pave the roads of Zion,
He saw it all and saw that it is good.
We took his iron to edge an axe's blade,
We took the axe and laid it to the tree,
We made a cross of all that he has made,
And laid it on the one who made us free.
Now he receives again and lifts on high
The gifts he gave and we have turned awry.


Douglas Blanchard. Jesus Goes to His Execution.


Douglas Blanchard. Jesus Dies.

Jesus dies on the cross

The dark nails pierce him and the sky turns black,
We watch him as he labours to draw breath.
He takes our breath away to give it back,
Return it to its birth through his slow death.
We hear him struggle, breathing through the pain,
Who once breathed out his spirit on the deep,
Who formed us when he mixed the dust with rain
And drew us into consciousness from sleep.
His Spirit and his life he breathes in all,
Mantles his world in his one atmosphere,
And now he comes to breathe beneath the pall
Of our pollutions, draw our injured air
To cleanse it and renew. His final breath
Breathes and bears us through the gates of death.

—Malcolm Guite. Sounding the Seasons. Norwich: Canterbury, 2012, p. 37, 42.

J.S. Bach: St Matthew Passion, BWV 244. Choral: O haupt voll blut und wunden.
Collegium Vocale Gent, cond. Philippe Herreweghe.

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden,
Voll Schmerz und voller Hohn,
O Haupt, zu Spott gebunden
Mit einer Dornenkron,
O Haupt, sonst schön gezieret
Mit höchster Ehr und Zier,
Jetzt aber hoch schimpfieret,
Gegrüsset seist du mir!
Du edles Angesichte,
Dafür sonst schrickt und scheut
Das grosse Weltgewichte,
Wie bist du so bespeit;
Wie bist du so erbleichet!
Wer hat dein Augenlicht,
Dem sonst kein Licht nicht gleichet,
So schändlich zugericht'?
O head full of blood and wounds
Full of sorrow and full of scorn
O head bound in mockery
With a crown of thorns,
O head once beautifully adorned
With greatest honour and adornment,
But now most shamefully mistreated,
Let me greet you!
You noble face
Before which at other times shrinks and shies away
The great weight of the world,
How are you spat upon,
How pale you are!
By whom has the light of your eyes
To which at other times no light can be compared,
Been so shamefully treated?

May God our Redeemer show us compassion and love. Amen.

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